Do I really need a skip bin? This is a question we hear many times and depending on what your situation is, the answer more often than not is yes!

Whilst most of us are able to dispose of our general waste on a weekly basis via our standard rubbish and recycle bins, quite often there are times that this is not sufficient.

When you need to dispose of a lot of rubbish in a short period of time, or it starts to accumulate to the point of a major clean up, you need to consider a skip bin.

Some of the most common times hiring a skip bin makes sense includes:

  • Landscaping or general garden clean up
  • General furniture and rubbish removal
  • To clean up after a demolition
  • Renovations and house repairs
  • Moving homes
  • For a party or event
  • Spring cleaning or de-cluttering the household and garage
  • Home office clean-ups or relocations
  • Deceased estate and rental property clean ups

Having a skip bin will help you have a more effective clean up process as it provides you with an allocated space for the items you’re getting rid, rather than having to move them around as you go, which is what happens in most situations.

Skip bins are also easier to manage than trailers. Trailers not only carry strict regulations for covering the load and have set timeframes (which may not be long enough) of when they need to be returned, but with trailers you also face expensive dump fees.

Plus, a skip bin is much more environmentally and financially friendly than the alternative of dumping. A small modicum of people still dump rubbish on the side of the road or spare block of land, which causes environmental damage and attracts large fines. Skip bins are the ideal solution to help keep the environment clean and pollution free and save people paying fines for illegal dumping.

Whatever the situation may be for you, all you need to do is contact Skips 365 on 1300 763 362 or email us at and we will deliver a skip bin to your premises and then once it’s filled we will come back and remove it. It’s really that simple!

Skips 365 services the following Sydney regions: CBD, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, South Sydney and Greater Western Sydney.