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Which Skip Bin Is Right for Me? Planning Your Skip Bin Hire in Sydney’s Northern Beaches or North Shore


Whether you are working on a renovation, a construction job, a roofing project, a landscaping job, or a simple round of spring cleaning, you will probably need a skip bin or two to deal with the waste. At Skips 365, we offer skip bin hires in Sydney. We can deliver bins to your project location, position them so that they are convenient for waste disposal, and pick them up once they are full or the project is complete. The entire process is easy and practical and makes virtually any type of project easier.

Choosing the Right Skip Bin Hire in Sydney

If you decide to work with Skips 365 for your skip bin hire in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, one of the first things you will notice is that we offer four basic types of skip bin. We have designed each bin for a different kind of debris. As such, the nature of your work project will determine which bin is right for you. Read on to learn a bit more about each bin type and what sorts of projects they support.

  • General Waste Only: If you are doing spring cleaning or preparing for a home or office relocation, then a ‘general waste only’ bin is likely the ideal skip bin for hire in Sydney’s North Beach area. These bins are good for disposing of paper and other general rubbish. They are also the place to toss clothing, furniture, bedding, appliances, toys or books. If you are moving and need to get rid of old and worn out stuff, this bin is for you.
  • Mixed Building Waste Only: Renovation or construction projects will rely on this type of skip bin. Use this for construction debris like bricks, tiles, drywall, wood, doors, pipes and other rubble. If you are knocking down walls in a home or office and need a place to dispose of the debris, book one of these bins.
  • Bricks, Tiles and Concrete Only: Another version of a construction skip bin, but for only bricks, tiles and concrete. If you need to dispose of carpet, wood or drywall, opt for the mixed building waste bin.
  • Soil and Green Waste Only: Landscapers looking for a skip bin for hire in Sydney’s Northern Beaches should choose this option. It’s designed for soil, dirt, leaves, grass, weed, trees, shrubs and more.

In addition to the different types of skip bins, each bin also comes in a variety of different sizes. Browse Skips 365’s skip bin guide to learn more about our sizing options.

Book Your Skip Bin Today

Have you made your decision about the skip bin you need for your forthcoming project? If so, click here to book your skip bin reservation online. If you have any questions about Skips 365 or the skip bins we have available for hire in Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches, feel free to call us on 1300 762 362.

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